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For a few years, I didn’t much like Kiss singer/bassist Gene Simmons. At the time, his epic ego and claims of endless sexual conquests (which, thankfully, we no longer hear about) were major turn-offs.

All that said, I felt like I was downing an ice-cold drink on a sweltering day when I read an article about his 2011 appearance on the U.S. cable TV talk show Chelsea Lately.

Interviewed by host Chelsea Handler, Simmons was surprisingly frank and humble when put on the spot about his sexual infidelities.

With longtime girlfriend (and, since 2011, wife) Shannon Tweed in the audience, Simmons said “I’m damaged goods, and I need Shannon in my life. I need her to fix what’s wrong with me.”

Wow! For a man who has bragged about bedding more than 4,000 women, this confession is simply astonishing. And it opens the door to explore two important ideas.

1. “I’m damaged goods.” Gene, you can take comfort in the fact that you’re not alone. Like it or not, every person on this planet is damaged goods. Every one of us has somehow dropped the ball and missed the target of what we could be.

Looking for proof? Consider this revealing statement from a man who had a deep and life-changing spiritual encounter with Jesus of Nazareth (who many people believe is God’s Son): “Everyone has sinned; we all fall short of God’s glorious standard.”

Oh, our damage may not be as obvious or as potentially hurtful as Gene Simmons’, but please notice that the statement doesn’t address degrees of damage. Why? Because in the end, it doesn’t matter. And that fact alone should keep the rest of us from feeling smug.

2. “I need her to fix what’s wrong with me.” Shannon, are you feeling the pressure yet? I know I would be if my wife made this declaration about me. Think about this: if all of us are damaged, then how is Shannon supposed to ‘fix’ Gene when she has her own failings?

Still, this doesn’t mean Shannon can’t do anything for Gene, just as it doesn’t mean my wife is incapable of helping me.

Serious Jesus followers believe two things: that God cares about every person on this planet, and God can — and does — work through all people, no matter what their issues, to achieve His goals.

When my wife & I got married, our pastor told Lori that I would be the prime resource God would use to repair her hurts and eliminate her weaknesses. Then he told me the same thing about Lori. All the two of us had to do was let God have His way.

So, do you want to let God fix you like he’s fixing me? Then invite His son, Jesus, into your life and let Him have His way. If you’re serious about it, and get hooked up with a Jesus-following church, then you’ll soon start to experience positive changes in your life.

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